Pamela, Shamela, and Me: A modern take on Richardson’s Pamela and Fielding’s Shamela

Cast of Characters
MR. B., a wealthy local politician who has helped a lot of people in the area and has a sterling reputation; fortyish

PAM, a young woman who worked on Mr. B’s latest reelection campaign




PAM’S MOM (voice)

MARCHERs, four diverse women who join Pam’s protest march

Act I, Scene 1

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The Bard of Frogtown: A Play in One Act

One bedroom apartment in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

MELVIN, 19, a part-time poet/ part-time window washer. He is wiry in build with mid-length dreads.

DEBRA, 25, homemaker/songwriter. She is slightly heavy set with unruly artist’s hair. This part requires singing and some guitar playing.

RICE STREET MAN, 22, looks haggard and worn. He has been dead for eight years, therefore, he is a ghost figure, functioning more for the audience than to interact with the cast.

(Curtain rises with MELVIN scratching away in a notebook. A kitchen table serving as his desk. He goes through a series of scribbling and scratch outs.)

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The Troll Story

Korba had a smart frock on, on the very day that her husband caught a troll. That fact would have no relationship to the other until you understand that Korba was wearing a frock that had been given to her, not by her husband as one might have hoped, but by a pharmacist whose motives in the affair were just that, to motivate an affair!

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