Issue Forty-Four - Summer 2024


By Aaisha Umt Ur Rashid

I’m sure you’d spare my mistakes,
For I cannot help my heart,
If it’s wrong to want you with me,
Then I’m wrong, right from the start.

I’d flaunt it never mattered,
I’d fabricate I’m fine,
I’d show I wasn’t right when I
Thought that I’d make you mine.

I’d feign it’s all a dream and that
I never had you near,
I’d show myself the course of fate
And willingly then I’d bear.

But don’t assume I don’t love you
Don’t feel I never tried…
Don’t think that I am doing fine
Don’t think I never cried.

I know you have no place for me
Your life is filled with friends
I’d tell myself this fact and then
My wounds, I’d never mend.

I’d exhibit a happy life,
I’d hide all of my woes
I’d try to be so good to all
No matter friends or foes.

I’d show that all you said was right,
I’d show that I agreed
And that I sure can be a friend,
Just like the one you need.

Please do forgive all of my crimes,
And put me at a side,
Where I can see you laugh and cheer,
And add it to my pride!

Copyright 2024 Rashid