Issue Forty-Four - Summer 2024

Everyday Work

By Linda Conroy

We’re spooled to unwind, like fishing line,
eager for a bite, the whirl of thread on spindle
rattling, measuring the length of life.

We race past the market’s crowd,
delighted in its hustle, though what we need
is a calm moment, to find a better stance.

Arms stretching to find poise, to quiet
the clamor of our days, we recognize the stream
of competition, trying to find our place.

We crave routine, the turn of tides of commonplace,
the lure of everyday, the slow noise of a life,
a pattern in the fabric stretched since infancy.

When the spinning stops, if one end
falls undone and rips through fingers, stiffer now,
we hang on or, like swift fish, we slip away.

Copyright 2024 Conroy