Issue Forty-Four - Summer 2024

Midnight Call

By Aaisha Umt Ur Rashid

At midnight
Away from the disruptive influence of mankind
I turn towards God
If only “He” would call to me
From the blueness of His skies
And smile
Assuring me that
My misery is His ecstasy,
My love’s loss, His love’s gain
And my pains are His secret trials
Then…would I bear it…
Bear it all
I would happily tolerate upon the verge of tears
All the misfortunes
And disasters of life
I would wait
And keep on waiting
His mercy soothes my time-torn skin
Amnesty is generously granted
His absolute compassion brings priceless rewards
For my wounded heart
That has endured friendlessness
For my soul
That has received countless scars
From the sharp sword of love
I would then feel
By people grown cold to me
By eyes turned away from me
Half-eased to know
The One mightier than I
Has willed and gifted me
The life I’ve lived
The tears I’ve shed
The pains I’ve borne
And that its just another assessment
Another test
To make me ready for a higher compensation
A greater blessing
A sweeter reward
At midnight
I look to heavens
Close my eyes
And wait…
If only He would call to me
If only He would smile
And say
That soon my pains and aches would cease…
And all my woes would end in peace!

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