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Glass Breather

By Ellen Zhang

Here is flickering flame, furrowed brow of
Blaschka as he pulls to tease crenate edges,
strictness and softening of pursuit.
He tends a garden with oxygen and propane
through leather bellows, the very sense of

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Farewell, My Homeland

By Anne Whitehouse

After the war, Poland’s borders shifted west.
Russia gained; the Germans were kicked out.
The few Jews who returned
were resettled in the west,
away from their homes in the east.

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Mid-January with Chinese Poet — For Doug

By Chet Corey

I am reading Meng Hao-jan’s poems
and drinking the last of tea at twilight.

My wife, up from a late-in-the-day nap,
has taken the dog for her evening walk.

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By Karen Vande Bossche

because we don’t complain
about the piteousness of dove gray clouds
or the ostentation of aerial blue
because we need slumber less
to troop and swing by tail and limb

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An Island of Bamboo

By Young Smith

In the hillside cow pasture, an island of bamboo.
We boys creep inside, find the old homestead—

nothing left of the house but a chimney and a well.
We crouch at the lip of stone, drop pebbles

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