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In Shock

By Alan Ferland

he combined consonances
and vowels that escaped your mouth
crawl, unhurried, from across the room
into my ears. Yet, they are as difficult
to decipher as hieroglyphics.

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By Anne Pitkin

Crickets and katydids shrilled
through the summer nights, along with music
from the shantytown taverns–

and lightning bugs like struck match embers
floated on a sea of night air.

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By Christopher Nye

Wanton, verb, β€œto waste or squander,” thus
to want on and on beyond the musical measures
life provides, over the hump of happiness, and into
precincts where Conscience fades like a distant
radio signal and Temptation spreads
a pretty cloth over a soiled table.

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My Ticket to Russia

By Laura Merleau

How many times will I pack
my suitcases with so many
layers of sweaters, tights,
wool coat, gloves, scarf, hat,
boots – yes, get ready for

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Paid Up

By Jayne Marek

Close your eyes.
You have already paid
for this soft towel
with four bright colors
smooth against your cheek.

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