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By Megan Leahy

The ribcage was invented to wrap around soft organs that breathe,
To curve like elephant tusks beneath the skin,
Supported by knotted vertebrae.
The ribcage was invented to be flexible,
To bend with cartilage, to seldom break.

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Losing My Eyesight

By Scott T. Starbuck

is sad
but comical.

A bench becomes
a sleeping horse,


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LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves -September 14, 2015, 5:51am EST

By Kaylie Anne Johnson

1.3 billion years ago,
two black holes kissed for the first time.
Absorbed by each other,
a mass three times our sun
shot out from their bed posts.
Ripples in their fabric reached ours
in a slight blip to the walls of our lasers

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By Thomas Fucaloro

List of possible tattoos
that are metaphors
for past/passed

1. A tornado, a hillside, the sun, paused.
2. Pictures of body parts.
3. Lots of ghosts. Ghosts and …

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By Carey Taylor

She is the absence of light
at the edge of the door
bruise of sky on the horizon

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