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Land of Oz

By Aimee Mackovic

first place that understood me was Oz
land of misfits, land of ne’er do wells
away from a grey and white life
Oz knew how to fix my heart me

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Clouds 1 and 2

By Margot Kahn

He asked me once if I had touched a cloud and what it felt like
and I said soft and his father said cold. And he asked if it was like bed,
like lying down, and we tried to explain that a cloud is only a collection of
tiny particles, water held together by air, a thing that you can be in and pass through
and even touch, but that you cannot hold.

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The Young Widow

By Jess Mills

I will put on widows’ weeds.
Everyone will see my sorrow.
In shops, women
will purse up their smiles,
avert their eyes
from the cross-hatch

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Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

By Kay Mullen

Silver Falls
State Park, Oregon

We hear it first, the roar of it,
then a glimpse through stands

of cedar fronds and maple limbs
until we see in a clearing the surge
of water pounding down.

The trail winds behind the charge,
droplets of power plunge

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Revolution in Croquet

By Eugenia Toledo

Let’s knit a shawl so the women can spend a warm winter
let’s make it of basil and thyme for the pregnant mother
and of dried corn leaves for the country girl
let’s knit a shawl to cover her shoulders
let’s do it for all the women of this storm-colored sky

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