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What Hours Were These Ours

By Chet Corey

The ends of weeks–
their mornings, middle hours.
Beginnings. Once
when I brought forgiveness
from my rock garden,
gone two years neglected:

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I Contemplate Change while Reading Bleak House at Galley Bay

By Barbara Bloom

I dip into this tale of displaced children,
orphaned, waiting on their fortunes,
this summer of my own displacement.
The house has sold, my husband tells me,
his voice hollowed out by the phone.
We have to be out in sixty days.

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By Mary Senter

If there is no body, is there no crime?
Her killer will always be free.

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Staring at Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”

By Scott T. Starbuck

You thought you were a winged being
until you came to Earth and fought

for a parking spot when late

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Two Crows

By Sherry Rind

New to this place, I hear a crash
and see my neighbor loading his recycle bin
hidden from the street. Face set to his work
he doesn’t see me at the kitchen sink

waiting for songbirds in the boundary trees.

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