Issue Eight - February 2005

Day Dreamer

By Breanne Ward

I woke up to the smell of my mom’s homemade porridge. It smelled like cinnamon sugar with raisins. It smelled so good! I got out of bed. After I reached the door I went down the hallway. Just then I noticed that yesterday I did not have a hallway. Then in a curious way I walked down the stairs that I did not have yesterday either. And the stairs met up with the kitchen and the kitchen was huge. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. But I came up with something fast!

First I ran up the stairs but then I didn’t know where to go to find their room.
“Where is my parent’s room?”
I started opening every door I could find and luckily the 43rd door looked like my parents room. But then I looked again.
“Who are you?” I screamed.
The weird people said, ‘You’re parents, you scream machine!”
“You’re not my parents!!” I screamed.
‘”Yes we are!”
The person that was supposed to be my mom just about broke into tears. I felt kind of bad but I wanted to know where my real parents were and who these people are.

I ran out of that room and into the next one which I found was mine. I looked around the door for a lock. I didn’t want to be here, but I wanted to find out where I was. So I willingly opened the door and went out of my room and into the room on the other side of my fake parents’ room and opened the door. It turned out to be my brother and sister’s room but the are only baby twins so they didn’t understand what was happening.

I ran downstairs hoping to find someone to ask where I was. I ran into the living room and to my surprise there was a maid! I quickly asked her where I was. She looked at me as if a had just lost my memory.
She answered, “California.”
My mouth dropped.
“Yes why?”
“Oh nothing, I was just being weird–just like myself!”
I went out the door and took a long look at my house. It was like a mansion! It was sooooo huge!

I started walking down the street and this boy walked up to me.
“Hey you its time for payback!”
“What?” I said.
“Yes you! It’s time for payback! You little rat!”
“Yah sure,” I said in a kind of scared voice. “Um – what did I do to you? I forgot!”
I tried to say it in a true voice even though I really didn’t do anything to him.
“Come on, you where pinching me like crazy.”
“Oh yeah, that!”

I didn’t know who he was or why the person I was supposed to be would pinch him. He looked so nice! But I tried to pretend to remember what he was talking about.
He came up to me and said, “Ok, times up.” And he pinched me back!

All of the sudden everything started getting blurry and it was all black.
When I opened my eyes I was in bed again! But this time when I looked around I realized I was in my bed. I looked some more and I realized I was in my room, in my house. And the girl that I was is only a dream, and maybe she is real and maybe she lives in California, and I hope she will be nice to that boy!

©2005 by Breanne Ward