Issue Nineteen - Winter 2012

Among the Things She Does Not Deserve

By Linda Back McKay

after Dan Albergotti

All-knowing certainty in any realm
Bellyaching and its namby-pamby rationale
Commentaries on creativity when bodies are being pulled from rubble
Deep despair any time especially now
Electricity or the expectancy of electricity when you clap your hands
Flights of frigate birds in their black and white habits
Gifts such as gab, garb or garbanzos
Heaven or a Harley-Davidson, each to her own
Iris, irradiating purple flowing, Georgia O’Keefe
Jam-it-down-your-throaters, no thanks, really
Kingship believers and a man makes a good friend
Lies from left or right, lies and more lies
Monosodium glutamate, phosphates, God is not pleased
Nothing except when nothing is everything
O unless it’s in an ode, which makes perfect sense
Perfection and the quest for perfection
Questions regarding time, space and sustainability
Reservations about reservations, you can’t win if you don’t enter
Senseless recidivism, as if you haven’t learned a thing by now
Tongues wagging that would be of better use licking envelopes
Useless patter regardless of how heavy the silence
Victory because it always precedes failure
Wild rides in the wind with sweet earth and eagles
Xi from a formidable lexicological opponent
You, for the love of roses and all the best things
Zeros on her scorecard

Copyright McKay 2012