Issue Thirty-Nine - Winter 2022

By Candlelight

By Paul Ilechko

Grouped by candle flame into specific
tableaux     as lightning breaks the sky

a glass of vin blanc     and the memory of
Athens     a church atop a hill     an old

woman locked in chiaroscuro     the blazing
sun reflecting from white walls     and here 

we listen to the pounding rain     the crack of
thunder     as darkness rolls across the town

by morning     the storm is over     the power
has been restored and a fresh heat begins

to build     sipping coffee in the shadowed
corners of the café     bringing back more

of Greece     her ancient fingers knotted
with the arthritis that is beginning now to 

ruin my hands     outside we hear the cawing 
of crows and the endless creak of catbirds. 

Copyright Ilechko 2022