Issue Eighteen - Summer 2011

Carry On

By Kimberly Kinser

They confiscated her knitting needles.
She could have tossed the whole sock or just pulled
the tiny needles from their knit two purl
two round. No heels. No gussets. No toes. No
hope of convincing officers that her
fine fingers wanted time to create, not
destroy, the circle round and round until
she reached the heel flap and then she could go
back and forth for a bit like the plane was
going back and forth between Mexico
and Seattle. She did not want to change
that course by the point of a number two
needle. She was not a political
terrorist, just a nurse midwife who has
held hands with screaming mothers pushing to
bring a crowning life into a crazy
world where a four inch knitting needle is
a lethal weapon.

Copyright Kinser 2011