Issue Thirty-Seven - Winter 2021


By Ace Boggess

It’s about forgetting
what’s beyond your few feet of space.

Does it make you laugh? Think? Cry?
Cringe gripping the armrest of your seat?

Find an emotion. Share it.
Take a friend, lover, someone

to whom you normally wouldn’t speak.
Take a stranger. Take your mother.

Take the drummer from Poison.
Have companionship & isolation.

It’s like chatting online
without all the tedious information.

Let the score ripple, narrative
find poetic voice even if monotonous.

The dialogue? It loves you.
Sound effects? They, too—passionate.

Nothing here’s superfluous to want
of escaping time. Your job, debts,

lack of sleep? Absolve them.
Let this be a version of your life.

Copyright Boggess 2021