Issue Fourteen - March 2009

On Days When Rain Sews Earth to Sky

By Oak Boesky

On days when rain
sews earth to sky
I stand at my window
and watch it fall sodden
leaden to the ground.

Restlessly I pace
caged by liquid bars
until I can be contained no longer.

I burst
gasping for air
out onto the covered porch
restrained by the needs
of those wild beasts.

While inside
they toss their toys
growling and snapping
in mock anger and delight
until frustration blooms.
Someone has won.

I re-enter the den.
Stuffy winter smells
assault my rain freshened senses.
Fierce cubs, clutching
wild curls in tightly clenched fists
look up in surprise;
“Mommy I need you”
they cry.

I capitulate
and curl up on the couch
by my fiercely wild children
whose bodies never rest.

Copyright Boesky 2002