Issue Twenty - Summer 2012

One Voice

By Ande Finley

with thanks to the Wailin’ Jennys

This is the sound of one voice.
One note
beyond music
shimmering like fire
in the darkest ghetto
in the chill of a mountain dojo
buried deep in a billion souls.

This is the sound of one voice.
Galaxies humming
in choirs of stars
carried by wind
in the rooftree of sky,
fir and willow
the rough music of raven
towhee, hawk,
in all the vibrating, glittering web.

This is the sound of one voice.
Speaking a thousand languages
every color, shape, size
of nose, mouth, hip, and brain
every notion of beauty,
wisdom, faith,
every path a certain journey back
to one voice.

Copyright Finley 2012

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