Issue Two - October 2001

Returning to Alaska

By White Bear Woman

Today I head north over water,
following something blindly
into the wilderness of ocean,
following something as primitive as love.
At mid-life the need to draw breath once more
on the keen edge of adventure
is strong, compelling.
I return to Alaska as the salmon return,
drawn there by instinct,
unimproved by all my accomplishments,
my body, fish like, changing color and shape,
gnarly and intense.
I remember mermaid shapeliness,
all silver and firm moving out into this life.
I remember unrelenting restlessness,
a drunkenness of spirit.
Now I move with steadfastness,
a long sobriety of purpose,
into the coldest waters
through which we all return
to the most sacred place.

Copyright 2001 White Bear Woman