Issue Nineteen - Winter 2012

The Steady Simplicity of the Leaky Faucet

By Vincent Renstrom

The decision seemed that much bolder
for the well of silence it sprang from
that late winter day, as I stood at the sink
and stared across the driveway,
the furnace having just shut off,
the incessant ticks of a clock the only sound,
away in another room, and then,
the veritable spurt of water
from that kitchen spout and I knew,
in those few spritzing seconds,
I knew what to do about you.

Three years later I have no regrets.
And when you question my methods
it, well, it kinda makes me look bad
and hurts my feelings a little.

Life is what life is, you know.
The dripping of the tap told me that.

Copyright Renstrom 2012