Issue Thirty-Five - Winter 2020

tonight they will light upon an idea

By Gary Lundy

as if your life depended upon it.
orchestrate the strings section to interrupt precisely at this moment.
beat an agreeable outcome.

flavorful commerce and furloughed foreclosures.

outside i notice the snow has ceased.
the roads and walks slushy.
brew another cup of hot coffee.

yes i know i’m late writing back to you.
but their memory isn’t what it once was.
correct only what isn’t given space.

my dear light blue eyed lover.
spontaneity useful to those unused to making plans in advance.

the signage proclaims these premises are protected by video cameras.
good to know in advance of an intruding urgency.

i am on the brink of an expected new experience.
which places greater darkness on each new occasion.

Copyright 2020 Lundy