Special Issue – Nine Eleven


By Kate Scott

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In the Wake of September 11

By Iris Graville

I was in a kayak September 11, paddling in the serene waters of Puget Sound with my husband and four friends. Just before launching our boats, a friend called with news of the plane crashes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We phoned family to reassure and be reassured that everyone was where they were supposed to be.

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A Candle Burning

By Marcia Barthelow

When we light a candle,
we proclaim that together,
with the power of our humanity,
we will illuminate the darkness.

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By Molly Swan-Sheeran

I am threadbare, worn and weary,
spent, with the cost of understanding.

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Twenty-One Minutes Before the Hour

By Alie Wiegersma Smaalders

“It’s twenty-one minutes before the hour.”

The radio announcer’s voice is cheerful, but the words sound ominous. Before the hour of what. Death? I shudder.

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Nine Eleven. Writers Respond

By Molly Swan-Sheeran

We are fragile,
like a tiny clamshell
bourne out on the water
floating boat-like

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