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Amalia Driscoll - 1 post

“I am an old lady with a complicated history that includes six children and a couple of husbands. I worked as a teacher, counselor, lawyer, secretary and farm manager. I lived in urban and rural settings in eight different states in the U.S. and traveled a bit abroad as I got older.”

Amanda Brooks Eldridge - 1 post

spent hours in high school watching all her drama-club friends rehearse and perform in school plays. “I'd know all their lines,” she said, but she never acted in the productions.

Her first play, Sophie, was produced at the San Juan Community Theatre in 2002. At twenty she was the youngest playwright in the history of the Dan Weber Memorial Playwrights' Festival. Extracurricular Activities was chosen for the March, 2003 Monologue Madness production at the San Juan Community Theatre.

Eldridge loves the process and evolution of a play, the deeper understanding of what's going on and the relationships between the characters.

She says, “I love being in a theater when it's empty...the smell, the sensations...”

Amanda Laughtland - 1 post

lives in Seattle, Washington and teaches English at Edmonds Community College. She is the author of Postcards to Box 464 and the editor of Teeny Tiny Press (

Amanda Leahy - 1 post

teaches American history/literature and creative writing at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, a day/boarding school, grades 9-12, in Carbondale, Colorado. She has been at CRMS for thirteen years and holds a Master's Degree in American Western history. In 2012 she was a participant at the Aspen Summer Words and Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. She tends to write about the resonance of place and its impact on a person's sense of self.

Amanda McCauley - 1 post

uses flowers and other natural materials to represent everyday objects and modern, pop-culture iconography. Her subject matter draws from her background as a graphic designer, her love of nature, and the world around her. The images are interpreted through petals, seeds, stems, moss and other natural materials she sources each summer around her seasonal barn-studio on Lopez Island, Washington. The works are sealed in encaustic wax for preservation and U.V. protection. McCauley’s work represents a new direction for pressed flowers/botanicals, normally a more traditional art form used to preserve flowers in their natural state. McCauley partners with former film director Thom Higgins to help produce her work and exhibitions. Higgins, who has extensive experience directing commercials shot around the world, produces each of her exhibitions with the keen eye of a seasoned director. Each show is a unique experience, aimed to reflect the location and McCauley’s inspiration for the work. Higgins, a true craftsman, also builds handmade frames from cardboard for the artworks.

Amy Ferron - 1 post

is a painter and fabric artist whose unique shapes create their own fantastic worlds. Amy’s decades as a master quilter inform her painting style, translating from fabric into paint and collage the artful play of papers that she uses to define space with light and dark. Her paintings and collages have been exhibited at the Whatcom Museum, Cascadia Art Museum, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle City Hall, Anacortes Art Festival, and numerous other local galleries and juried shows. Amy upcycles old and used atlases selecting the papers based on their color or printed texture. She paints and/or applies handmade papers to create unique landscapes, abstract pieces, and images of birds and flowers. Her website is

Ande Finley - 9 posts

is euphoric to see her life-long dream of writing full time manifesting here in her remote Lopez forest. Her English major in college morphed somehow into a professional life of crunching numbers and she guiltily filed her writing life away until all her kids had left home. Now, she mainly composes for herself, but her work has appeared in Uncapped, Satsang, and previously in SHARK REEF. With the help of her brilliantly-creative family, she produced her first chapbook, Simply Love, to commemorate her mother’s 75th birthday. She offers heartfelt thanks to her husband Scott for all the years of unwavering support.

Andrew Alexander - 2 posts

was born in a displaced persons’ camp in Germany, raised in Newark, New Jersey, educated at Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn, New York, and settled in the northwest hills of Connecticut with his wife of many, many, years.

Andrew Michael Roberts - 1 post

is a poet from Oregon, where he lives with his wife Sarah and three beloved cats and works as a cardiac nurse. He is the recipient of the Iowa Poetry Prize, a Poetry Society of America National Chapbook Fellowship, and a Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Andrew Nicholls - 2 posts

has been writing, mostly for TV, for 40 years. Fifteen of his short stories have been published and two plays produced, 2019-21.