Issue Thirteen - September 2008

Finding the Story

“Now and again thousands of memories converge, harmonize, arrange themselves around a central idea in a coherent form, and I write a story.”
-Katherine Anne Porter

This fall 2008 edition of SHARK REEF is leaner than some past issues but it’s meaty and provocative. You’ll find fiction from Jill McCabe Johnson and Clark Gilbert, Lorna Reese’s memoir on how she came to the islands and poems from Julia Klimek, Lin McNulty and Lewis Spaulding. Jill and Lin are from Orcas Island, Clark and Lewis from San Juan, and Lorna, Julia and featured visual artist, Summer Moon Scriver, from Lopez. All of these people have found stories. (Shaw Island, where are you?) Read and enjoy.

Co-editor for this edition was Stephen Adams, Lopezian writer, reader, lover of poetry and working with his hands. Steve’s short fiction has been published in literary magazines, including The Panhandler and The Armchair Aesthete. It has also been rejected by some of the finest publications in the English language.

The art being featured in this issue takes the form of stunning black-and-white photographs from a book coming out this fall from Iris Graville and Summer Moon Scriver. Called Hands at Work: Portraits and Profiles of People Who Work with Their Hands.

PLEASE send us your work. We can’t wait to read the stories YOU find.

Write on!