Issue Thirteen - September 2008

Photographs from Hands at Work

By Summer Moon Scriver

Potter, Nancy Bingham

“Once I had the pot of my dreams. I flipped the kiln on and thought it was on low, but it was on high. It blew up in about two minutes. But that happens. It’s like life. With clay, you have to be into the process.”

For the full story, see “Living in Her Hands” in SHARK REEF, Spring 2008

Spinner, Kenny Ferrugiaro

“When I think of the jobs many people have, I think of them as oppressive, something that takes us away from things we love and people we love. Spinning, though, is just pure love.”

Sign Language Interpreter, Suzanne Whalen

“Seeing other skilled interpreters inspires me like beautiful poetry or someone with a gorgeous singing voice. It’s a privilege to do this work.”

Vintner, Brent Charnley

“Growing grapes is an ancient human task. Weather ultimately determines the size of the harvest, but the labor of human hands can help nudge this event in the right direction.”