Issue Ten - October 2006


We all take journeys, whether we want to or not, whether we are prepared or not. Our entire life is a journey, starting with that first cry which we learn gets us attention to the last soft murmur as death carries us over. What happens in between is up to us, and it is what matters.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And each step we take, each decision we make, takes us unerringly to the next one. And so our lives unfold.

—Lorna Reese

            That which is at rest is easy to grasp.
            That which has not yet come about is easy to plan for.
            That which is fragile is easily broken.
            That which is minute is easily scattered.
            Handle things before they arise.
            Manage affairs before they are in a mess.
            A thick tree grows from a tiny seed.
            A tall building arises from a mound of earth.
            A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.
            Contriving, you are defeated;
            Grasping, you lose.