Issue Eight – February 2005

Children’s Issue

By The Editors

When bleak was the weather,

The friends came together

To play.

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Selected Works

By Ellen Fisher

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By Vilina Sanburn-Bill

Once in a far away land called Finano there was a boy who had just witnessed a great tragedy. His name was Ben. His mother hade just died of a sudden heart attack. In three minutes he was alone, all alone. The others, like his aunts, uncles and his father, had died when he was only one. His mother had been very poor so he had not much money, no sturdy house, no food or any friends.

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By Caleb Cunningham

There was a bad, bad kid. He usually threw his gourmet dinner on the floor. He also shoved his exotic lunches in his older sister’s face.

Until one day….

He threw his gourmet dinner on the floor and a pink tiger said, ‘Hey kid, can I have that?’

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Salvation Rock: A Ship’s Log

By Kaj Benson

Oct.7th, 1892

The Antarctic! This is where I have spent three long weeks at sea. No-one thought I would survive, but I proved them wrong. Bitterly cold winds buffeted the sails of my tiny craft. I am slowly freezing to death. The cold winds penetrate even the tiniest cracks in my clothes and cabin. Like a bird of death, a cold wind blows and whistles through every crack in my cabin.

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Gum-Shoe Jasper

By Jodi Fragnoli

‘So what new adventure will you begin today?’ asked Jasper’s mom before sending him off to school.
‘Oh, I dunno, Mom,’ was his reply.
‘Well, if you plan on saving the world today don’t forget you have to walk the dog before dinner time!’
‘I won’t forget, Mom.’
And off he went on his way down the street.

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Stupid Dyke

By Makena Henriksen

My breath catches in my throat; all my muscles tense. My right eyebrow automatically snaps up. I bite down hard on the inside of my cheek, reopening what remained of last time’s struggle for emotional control. ‘Not again. Just one day can’t you leave me alone, or at least put a little variety into your insults? Ugh, just not right now.’

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Day Dreamer

By Breanne Ward

I woke up to the smell of my mom’s homemade porridge. It smelled like cinnamon sugar with raisins. It smelled so good! I got out of bed. After I reached the door I went down the hallway. Just then I noticed that yesterday I did not have a hallway. Then in a curious way I walked down the stairs that I did not have yesterday either.

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Good Bad Good

By Eski Benson

When I was five I had a small bike named The Green Monster. I fell down a lot. I went to the Lopez School track. Patience was whipping around and around. Risto had a dirt bike. I wobbled but I stayed up! I did eight victory laps. Then I went home.

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Dirt Bikes

By Andrew Zoerb

Dirt bikes are fast.
Fun to ride.

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My Sister

By Reyna Ellis

My sister is sweet
When she puts her hand on my hand
It feels like an Eagle touch.

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By Graham Ellis

A graceful runner
In the wide open desert
A powerful horse

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Surprise on the Caye

By Galen Ellis

I open the door,
Walk into the morning light,
Sit in solitary silence.

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Perfected Beat

By Dylan Ellis

The melody starts slowly
With calm control
And starts to rise only
When the baseline starts to roll

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By Gwenna Coiley

Guns sound
Throbbing the large city
Fear is rising
Children scream

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The Long Cry

By Lyra Dalton

I stand
A wind at my face

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Good Verse Survival

By Alaya Battalia

People bustle through crowded streets
Noise erupts from the center of chaos
Venders shout their worth
In a language known to all

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Songs of the World

By Alaya Battalia

Vibrations rumble making echoes in my mind
Echoes turn to whispered words
One wave harsh one wave soft
The harsh wave strikes piercing to the bone

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Short of Air

By Terrell Carter

“Fifty five.”
“Fifty five what?”
“Fifty five seconds till the oxygen in our probe runs out.”
“How did you figure it out?”

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Lost Soul

By Terrell Carter

Faded like a rainbow
is her gown
Torn with sorrow
Ever changing

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