Issue Forty-Two - Summer 2023

Birth Announcement

By Carey Taylor

Let’s begin with her feet. Ten proper toes
pressed into pink ink then pressed again on one

side of a small card—two tender rhodies
determined to root in the heavy dark of a Port Orford winter.

The first question I ask the nurse is not is it a boy
or girl
, but is everything ok? When she answers yes, my fear unwinds

like coiled rope, after drop of anchor. As I drive from hospital to home,
I look at her face in the cardboard box between

her mother and me. I think she looks like my sister Georgie, whose old crib
I have repainted and which is the newest piece of furniture we own.

What I don’t know yet, is that the 36-footer moored at the boathouse
in Nellie’s Cove will spring a slow leak.

What I don’t know yet, is that I will use every life-saving trick I
have learned to keep them both afloat.

Copyright Taylor 2023