Issue Forty-Two - Summer 2023

Your Eyes Are Not a Camera Drone

By Mary Ellen Talley

Cactus bee
and white-winged dove pollinate by day
Long-nosed bats
swarm the blooms each night
The blossoms become ripe red fruit for the desert

If you recall, you were so stressed out
as you dealt with what was raging
beyond the curbstone
you didn’t stop for the strong scent of melon
and were blind to the cactus flowers
ready to blossom
past your door in the May cool dusk

You returned
shocked at the fat daisies growing out of pink tubers,
eventually noticed that the saguaro
was home to Gila woodpeckers
boring holes to make their dwellings

The landscape continues parched
in appearance only
as you are still a novice
at waiting
But watch javelina and coyote,
dove and great horned owl bite into the fruit
to eat and quench thirst

Copyright 2023 Talley